5 Steps to Start Your Emotional Healing

This Course is for you if:

  • You're sick and tired of the emotional pain
  • You're done with the pains of the past harassing you
  • You're tired of being quiet about what you have been through
  • You're ready to have a life free of emotional torment
  • You're ready to get your voice and power back
  • You're committed to NOT putting off your emotional healing any longer!
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What others have to say about the course...

"I was completely blown away by the depth of knowledge and understanding that Ivy Caldwell possesses! I learned my past has no hold over me because of the powerful force that this course brings against it! Very easy to understand, ... felt welcomed and understood and my completion certificate was a delightful surprise."

Shenel F.

"My experience with the course was life changing! The first couple of days, I was scared and unsure on what to expect and if it was safe to be vulnerable or not. As I put into practice the tools of letting go, speaking against the negativity, and forgiving. I started to feel lighter and realized I was in a safe place to do so. Making it safe and unforced to open up about our feelings and stories. You helped vulnerable people feel like you cared about their emotional healing. The biggest thing for me was tools were given in how and why to be healed!" 

Charise L