About Ivy Caldwell

Our Mission:

To bring healing to the hurting people through hope.

Our Vision:

To empower and build up girls and women who are ready to rise up above their circumstances from across all walks of life.

Footprint Enterprises, LLC is a faith-based organization that helps those who are ready to deal with their emotional trauma.  We meet with participants virtually or in person.

A footprint is an impression left by a shoe on the ground or a surface.

The area occupied or affected by something. A track or mark left by something. A psychological footprint can be a negative influence you have on others or how it affects their lives and the environment around you. 

We refrain from confronting or doing something because of the emotional pain. The things we have left undone or not dealt with as a result from our childhood problems often leave emotional footprint of scars in our life. There is a possibility that if you don’t deal with your emotional trauma, you will leave your footprint on others, thereby, continuing the cycle of emotional abuse. 

The Founder, Ivy Caldwell has overcome her emotional trauma of sexual abuse and would like the opportunity to help you to do the same.

​She is the author of “Expose It” in which she shares her personal testimony in how she is an overcomer of sexual abuse. She challenges the reader to expose their truth to take their voice and authority back! God has healed her and he will do the same for you too!